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Hilary Ball

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “‘She Blushes at the Insult’: Undressing the Modest Countenance in Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd

Bio: Hilary Ball is a second-year English MA student at the University of British Columbia, currently writing a thesis on optics and light in the novels of Edith Wharton. She has been twice published in the undergraduate journal Agora, and has an article forthcoming in The Henry James Review.

Sara Barnard

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Meeting points: cultural projects in Spanish prisons”

Bio: BA in Modern Languages from Bristol University, UK. MA in Spanish Literature from the Complutense University, Madrid. Currently completing thesis, which discusses the meeting points of prisons and culture in contemporary Spain, at UBC. I have taught Span 101, 102, and 202, and work with the department’s Learning Centre.

Alice Choi

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Outside Art, Inside History: The History of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea”

Bio: Alice Choi is currently pursuing a PhD in Art History at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Her main research interests include modern and contemporary site-specific, installation, performance, and conceptual art, as well as the writing and historiography of art history in South Korea.

Holly C. A. Corbett

McMaster University

Paper title: “Places in Things: Meaning and Representation in the World(s) of Pearl

Bio: Holly is a PhD candidate in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. She is writing her dissertation on bedchambers in medieval romance and how women’s relationships with their bedchambers work to create social influence and political power.

Stephanie Lynne Couey

University of Colorado, Boulder

Paper title: “Beyond the Scream: Defining (and Not Defining) Humanity and Resistance for the Wives of the Heroes in Django Unchained and ‘The Heroic Slave’”

Bio: Stephanie Couey is from Riverside, California, and holds an MFA in Poetry. She is now a PhD student of English Literature at CU Boulder, and she plans to continue to pursue both critical and creative work.

Sharon Engbrecht

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “The Threshold of Love: Between ‘You’ and ‘I’”

Bio: Sharon Engbrecht comes from a background of visual arts and literature. She works with contemporary literature and the culture of love.

Matthew Evans-Cockle

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Wisdom Made Strange(ly)”

Bio: After ten years, I’ve finally finished my dissertation. I thank the gods, and my second committee, for helping me stumble across the finish line.

Rachael Goddard-Rebstein

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Visions: The Extraordinary Life of Margery Kempe”

Bio: I recently completed an interdisciplinary master’s degree in the fields of English, Psychology and Film and Theatre at UBC. Before doing my master’s, I studied English Language and Literature as an undergraduate at Oxford. I live in Vancouver and enjoy writing fiction and poetry in my spare time.

Steven Herran

Graduate Center, City University of New York

Paper title: “Urban Outfitters”

Bio: Steven Herran is a PhD student at the City University of New York. His research interests are Postcolonial literature, the African novel, religion and the postcolonial state, postsecularism, post-secular geographies and Graphic novels.

Millie Hogue

University of Colorado, Boulder

Paper title: “Politics of Legibility: The High War on Terror and Spatial Mobility in the Rhetoric of Personhood”

Bio: Millie Hogue is completing her second year of study for her M.A. in English Literature at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has Bachelor’s degrees in English and journalism, and has presented papers on the topics of neoliberal surveillance, subjectivities, and postmodern paranoia.

Tiffany Humble

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Ambiguous Narration, Unstable Identities, and Liminal Affects in Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw

Bio: Tiffany Humble is a first-year MA candidate. Her research interests include nineteenth-century literature, Romanticism, Gothic fiction, affect theory, memory, and neuroaesthetics. She is currently working on her MA thesis, which focuses on the Gothic and the transmission of affect and emotion through absent, lifeless, or exaggerated supernatural bodies.

Alyssa Sy de Jesus

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Food Fight: An Eggsistential Tale”

Bio: Alyssa Sy de Jesus is a Chinese migrant “twice removed” from the motherland. She lives and learns today on unceded Coast Salish Territory. Her research interests as an MA student at UBC include visual rhetoric, post-colonial theory, and affect theory as they apply to Asian diasporic texts and eighteenth-century theatre.

Igpy Kin


Paper title: “Loopholes”

Bio: Igpy Kin is a freelance writer and designer from Calgary. Having completed her MA in English at Concordia University in Montreal, she has returned to the shadow of the Rockies to amass a vast collection of glitter and rejection letters. You can find her at

Taryn Mahoney

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Riverdale Resurrected: Race, Zombies, and the Ontic/Hauntic Subject in Night of the Living Dead and Afterlife with Archie

Bio: Taryn Mahoney is in the final term of her English Masters degree, specializing in print culture, graphic narratives, and gender theory.

Lauren McGuire-Wood

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “‘Japan is coming to us’: Discouraging Ecocosmopolitanism when Memorializing Place-specific Disasters in Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being and John Bolton’s Debris

Bio: Lauren is a graduate student at the University of British Columbia studying English Literature and Education. Her areas of focus include Canadian literature, postcolonial and Indigenous literatures, and pedagogical theory. Upon finishing her MA, Lauren hopes to work in BC’s public school system.

Carley Meredith

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Labouring from the Periphery: The Editor’s Preface in Early Print Chaucer”

Bio: Carley Meredith is currently working toward an MA in English at the University of British Columbia. Her main research interests include early print, Elizabethan women’s writing, and paratexts.

Geoffrey Morrison


Paper title: “Giordano Bruno in Geneva”

Bio: Geoffrey Morrison is a poet and prose writer. He was a longlist finalist for the 2014 Lemon Hound and 2016 PRISM poetry contests, and also has poetry at ditch, Lemon Hound, and Echolocation (online). His nonfiction prose can be found at The Town Crier and The Rusty Toque.

Laura Osgood

Simon Fraser University

Paper title: “Embodied Trauma and the Bibliographic Form in Tree of Codes and The Place of Scraps

Bio: I am a current graduate student in the department of English at Simon Fraser University. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta with a double major in English and Film Studies. My current research project concerns prison writing and literature in Canada.

Sara Press

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Terrestrial Cosmopolitanism, Posthumanism, and Multispecies Modes of Being in Cereus Blooms at Night

Bio: Sara Press is a first year English PhD student at UBC. Interested in everything, she is trying to focus on postcolonial technoscience, affect theory, and spatial theory. Originally from Toronto, Sara is happy to be in Vancouver, where she is most at home on her bike, in the mountains, or on a yoga mat.

Andreas Rutkauskas

University of British Columbia, Okanagan

Paper title: “Borderline”

Bio: I am a visual artist using photography and video to explore the effect of technologies on the perception and development of landscapes. My projects have been exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and abroad, as well as featured in the press including Canadian Art, Artpress, CBC News World, and Wired.

Katrina Sellinger

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Aurality and Feminist Afrofuturism in Janelle Monáe’s The Electric Lady

Bio: Katrina is a first year MA student in English at UBC. She is interested in Caribbean diasporic writing, black studies, queer theory, and Afrofuturism.

Craig Stensrud

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Thoreau’s Shame: The Political Limits of Anti-hypocrisy”

Bio: Craig Stensrud is a PhD candidate at UBC. He is working on a dissertation on the relationship between hypocrisy and irony in the moral and aesthetic imaginations of nineteenth-century American writers.

Upasana Thakkar

University of British Columbia

Paper title: “Language and Identity in Central American Migrant Narratives”

Bio: I completed my undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Hispanic studies from University of Delhi, India. Currently I am working on my PhD dissertation, which focuses on the contemporary Central American literary texts and argues that fictions can be read as testimonio.

Renata Guimarães Vieira

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – Brazil

Paper title: “NATURALIZAÇÃO POR DESPOSSESSÃO? Reprodução social-natural na Comunidade Quilombola Barro Vermelho”

Bio: PhD student from Brazil. Visiting researcher at UBC.